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Domus Organising was set up by David Denton. He has gained success and experience in both the Operational and Sales side of Financial Services. He is DIPCII qualified (Diploma in Financial Services). The true benefit of this means the organisational skills and one-to-one inter-personal skills acquired can help with discussions of a more personal and sensitive nature with customers in their home, when faced with decisions on what to do with their documents and paperwork. All discussions are confidential.


The first customer was David himself. He wanted to make sure of the benefit of the service. The organisational, time saving, storage and a ‘de-cluttered’ mind benefits have taken years off him!


The customer is consulted at every step and nothing is destroyed (or re-cycled if preferred) without the customers say so. Any agreed documents and paperwork will be destroyed confidentially, either by the customer or by Domus Organising.


You may wish for other items in your home to go to a charity or beneficial cause.


Having tested feedback from many different ‘walks of life’, e.g. Teachers, Removal men, IT Specialists, Writers, Sports Management, Leisure Industry, Retirees, Pensioners, Financial Advisers, Clothes Designers, one key common comment was…..”There is an organisational issue and the number one stress factor is the sorting and order of documents and paperwork”.


The aim of Domus Organising is to show you how meticulous care and good order can provide you with exactly what you want.  If you are looking for a decluttering service in Kent or London then please get in touch.

How It Works

1. Meet face to face or over the phone

2. Agree a plan which meets your needs

3. Put plan into action

4. Agree Pricing - per hour, day, week or month.

You may need Domus Organising

You may need Domus Organising when:

  • Overcome by paperwork and documents
  • Unsure as to what paperwork and documents to keep
  • Papers or documents that you inherit or asked to deal with as a result of something unforeseen
  • You want to put your affairs in good order should anything happen to you
  • Moving home
  • Feeling unorganised and cluttered
  • Having children
  • Working from home
  • Going to work abroad
  • Preparing to convalesce following a spell in hospital and your recovery being hindered by not being organised
  • Getting organised with paperwork and bills in the event of being taken ill
  • Being thrown in the deep end and unexpectedly having to sort out papers, documents and bill payments for a family member or friend
  • Preparing to retire

Working Hours

The working hours of Domus Organising are very flexible.


You may have preferred working times (start and finish is at your convenience) and location (this is usually at the customers home but working away from the customers home has been requested and accommodated).


Work can be done day or evening, weekdays or weekends to fit in with customer preferences. Hours can be set, short or long days, and customers can pay by the hour or per day.


Pricing can be by the hour or agreed for the day or by the week. This will be agreed with the customer before any work is undertaken during the initial discussion (no charge for initial discussion). 

Areas Covered


Deal in Kent

Sandwich in Kent

St Margaret’s in Kent

Ramsgate in Kent

Broadstairs in Kent

Margate in Kent

Dover in Kent