Testimonials from Domus Organising Clients…

Dear David

Thank you for all you have done for me so far, it has eased my depression that I suffered from for some time since my health deteriorated suddenly. You were so kind and understanding, helping me get a new shredder when mine died on me and I was unable to go out myself.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Miss A G – 12 October 2017

In appreciation of the work of Domus Organising in sorting out my belongings, I recommend David Denton for his diligent and sensitive transformation of my kitchen, which has brought order to my life and well-being.

I was very down and depressed at the time and David helped ease this feeling with the care and understanding shown towards me. Great concern was shown for my personal possessions.

Thank you for your help sorting the problems and issues of moving home to my present address, whilst recovering from a surgical hip replacement operation.

Yours sincerely,

Mr N G – October 2017

With my friend who strongly recommended David Denton about two years ago, we call him “The Chief Advisor” and definitely deserves this title.

He arrives on the dot at the time we agreed upon – one can set the clock according to his arrival he is so punctual. He is flexible often making a big effort to change his schedule to suit us, altering his private life.

David has the best telephone manners I have ever encountered. When a clash is anticipated he introduces himself in the calmest voice and again sweet and calm and uses the other person’s name. They then talk like old friends using first names. He usually arranges what he sets out to achieve. He always finds the right way to postpone one of my appointments so that I am able to keep my professional status. His advice on letters from professional or organisations such as BT, Gas etc. is in retrospect always correct.

His sense of humour is remarkable, friendly and to the point never misunderstanding my humorous remark. A pleasure and very useful to have him around.

Dr Marta Elian

Paperwork made me mad!

I decided to retire. Great! No paperwork, printer or Internet. Easy you think. Wrong! Wait till you receive the pension paperwork from your providers.

You’d think they’d get a simple lump sum correct, but did they? No. Domus queried the amount and got an extra £2000.

Now what to do with the rest of the forms? Domus helped me fill in the forms – a really helpful service.

Sorted! I think, feet up, watch the telly. Wrong again. My tax coding and details were incorrect and I was being charged at the higher rate of 40%. Domus got it revised to 20%. Big saving for me.

Domus is going to sort out my paperwork so that instead of about 10 files, I’ll have one, containing all I need to keep my finances, paperwork and documents in order.

I thought retirement meant peace and quiet. It is now that Domus has sorted my paperwork.

Mr S Ismail 

Teachers can be notoriously disorganised and after more than 30 years at the chalk-face my study reflected this.

Everywhere paperwork, some going back years. There were household and personal documents, gas and electricity bills going back to Edison’s time, bank statements, correspondence from HMRC from the year dot, insurance policies which I didn’t know were valid or not. Drawers spilled over with it. Bookshelves were overloaded with it. I couldn’t find anything or risked being buried by sheaves of out-of-date and unnecessary forms, letters, demands and other assorted clutter. And then I heard of Domus Organising.

In answer to my enquiry, the Domus Organising Director, Mr Denton, came to my home, listened to my problems and discussed solutions. He made helpful suggestions and, in tandem with my needs and wishes, he worked out a programme which would help me. All this was done with no pressure and at my pace. I was worried about getting rid of private papers. Sorted! He dealt with that with complete confidentiality. Stuff I’d kept because “it might come in handy”, never did.

Valid guarantees for equipment were found. Most impressive was his willingness to go the extra mile, always being available for queries/concerns. And after all the sorting and discarding, I was left with a clearly and logically organised system that even I can manage.

I can thoroughly recommend Domus Organising.


Domus Organising were very helpful with regards to organising my private papers and 110% trustworthy. David helped me to organise my home after moving very well.

Mrs Patricia B