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Age UKSome helpful advice from one of Age UK’s Trusted Traders


Domus Organising provide a caring, sensitive organising and decluttering service. The customer is consulted every step of the way at a pace that the customer requires. David Denton, the owner of Domus Organising, has met many interesting people. David has such a passion for his business, that he gains huge satisfaction when “you see the relief on people’s faces”, as they feel back in control of their home or small business. People are smiling again!

When people contact us, they often feel:


  • Overwhelmed i.e, they often do not know where to start
  • Very stressed
  • Embarrassed
  • They have not got the time
  • Did not know where to go for help
  • Who can they trust with discussions of a sensitive/personal nature

Some helpful tips:


  • Start small, may be one room at a time, so that you do not feel overwhelmed
  • Create space to work in
  • Know where the local household waste and recycling centres are and what they provide
  • Know what services the Council can provide that could assist you, e.g. bulky item collection
  • Don’t spend any money on storage or filing systems until you have decluttered and organised. This is because you often do not know yet what storage you may or may not need
  • Place the correct items in the rooms that they were intended for, i.e. don’t just dump them down anywhere
  • Keep the bedroom calm and welcoming to sleep in without clutter i.e. remember how nice walking into a hotel room feels without any clutter. Sleep like a log!
  • Keep the lounge as an area to relax and not let it be taken over with paperwork and documents or clothing
  • Paperwork and documents – use a lightweight and easy access system so you can always put your hands on items whenever you want them instead of hunting arround
  • Do you need to keep it? Is the space more valuable than the item?
  • Keep access clear for emergency services, if needed

Examples of how we have helped:


  • Decluttered and organised homes, often for moving and downsizing
  • Helped people to reach decisions as what to keep and what to dispose
  • Organised private papers for easy access and provided confidential shredding
  • In cases, such as illness or bereavement, we have provided help and support by putting sensitive papers in order and then contacting the relevant organisation
  • One room organising and decluttering only, e.g. clothing and personal items

Domus Organising is registered for Data Protection, so all discussions are confidential. We are also vetted by Age UK. We have full liability insurance.

If you feel that you require help with an organisational and/or a de-cluttering problem that you find difficult to face, please telephone Domus Organising for a free initial consultation.